Wednesday, 12 October 2011

What is a supervolcano?

Key Ideas
  1. Supervolcanoes have many differences to volcanoes.
  2. The potential impacts of a supervolcano eruption are far greater than a ‘normal’ volcanic eruption.
Supervolcano, caldera, fissures, geothermal, geyser, hotspot
BBC supervolcano introduction clip below
1.   TDIT.
2.   Using map below and the map NT p17 A, answer NT p23 question 1.
3.   Using the diagram below, draw a simple version of a cross-section of a supervolcano annotating with geysers, caldera and geothermal.
4.   Put a heading ‘Differences between supervolcanoes and composite/shield volcanoes’
5.   Write 3 differences using the following hints: Size, shape, impact.
6.   Using the hot spots clip below and the diagram explain what a hot spot is.
7.   Using the Yellowstone scenario clip and NT p23 answer question 5 NT p23.
a.   What is a supervolcano?
b.   Give 2 ways they are different to normal volcanoes.
c.   How will the Yellowstone supervolcano erupt?
d.   Briefly state what the impact will be?


World Map of Supervolcanoes
Cross section of a supervolcano

Hot spots

Yellowstone Scenario